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TLS Staff

  • Dr. Bridget A. Melson
    MFT, PsyD
    Co-Founder Trinity Life Solutions
    Teen and Parent Expert

    Dr. Melson, aka "Dr. B", lives in beautiful Southern California with Mike, her husband of 16+ years, and their three children, Lucas, Landon and Allie.

    Dr. Melson is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) in the state of California. She has been teaching, counseling, and lecturing for over 17 years. She holds a Doctorate degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Neuropsychology. She speaks and consults in the evenings and on weekends so that she can fulfill her promise to God and her husband, which is to be a wife and mom and make her family a priority.

    Her specialty and area of expertise includes working with adolescents/teens on various issues including, depression, anxiety, peer pressure, addiction, academics, and self-destructive behavior. After working with at-risk teens in schools, she found that she had an ability to connect with teenagers on a deep level and was instantly able to form a bond of trust and safety with them. She is passionate about counseling teens and families and is grateful for the opportunity to serve her community while doing what she loves to do!

    Dr. B is also a "Bonus Expert" on Be sure to visit for all you want to know about step families.

    To schedule an appointment to have Dr. B come to your home for a family consultation, please call her at (951) 973-0181 or visit our "contact us" page and send her a quick note!


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    Dr. Melson can be reached at: (951) 973-0181

  • Mike Melson
    M.S., CCLC
    Co-Founder Trinity Life Solutions
    Certified Christian Life Coach

    Mike's career began as he worked for NASA on the Space Shuttle project. He then became a consultant for Accenture, formerly Andersen Consulting. Next he entered the world of start-ups in the Silicon Valley and became what many in the world would label “successful”. However to Mike success meant something entirely different. Success to him meant becoming involved with his community and mentoring young people to be all that God had envisioned them to be. He decided to take a risk and quit his executive job in the software industry and instead dedicate his time and effort to coaching men of all ages on becoming the man their current and future families need them to be. His “Balance Boundaries” teaches men how to balance their priorities be it family, work, hobbies, sports, church etc.

    Mike’s passions include, serving God, spending time with his family, flying, and coaching men and teens on how to maintain balance in their lives now and in the future.